Episode 16


A poem about simpler times, when love, hope, and innocence shone bright.

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There's a place that I go between sleep and the dawn where the moon shares the sky with the sun; and the night is ablaze with the light of the stars and the shadows, they flicker and run.


And the sounds that you hear from the towns all around are of laughter, peace and of joy; and of songs from an age where innocence yet lives in the eyes of each girl and each boy.


And the wind as it blows catches each wisp of your hair and paints pictures the width of your face; it's a world from a time when the ship still sets sail to take you to a magical place.


And as years take my time and as lines etch my face I know this land's still the one thing that's true; for I just close my eyes and my heart takes me there, where I walk hand in hand loving you.


So if dreams do come true and they're not just for sleep then I know where my Neverland can be found; it's being next to you and hearing you breathe, to me that's the most magical sound.

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